Dr. Lina Sun has more than fifteen years of clinical experiences at the Castle Peak Hospital, treating people with psychiatric illnesses and psychological issues. Before becoming a clinical psychologist, she worked in the field of human resources management and was later involved in church counseling ministry.

Dr. Sun’s special interests are the use of cognitive behavioral treatment for managing psychotic symptoms and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for mood problems. Cases she has assessed and treated include anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviors, management of psychotic symptoms and bipolar symptoms, traumatic reactions and personality problems.

In addition to her clinical duties, Dr. Sun has rich experience in teaching and supervising clinical psychologist trainees and medical professionals. She has been appointed as Honorary Clinical Supervisor of the Department of Psychology at both the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong for more than ten years and as Honorary Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Family Medicine, the University of Hong Kong. Dr Sun has also delivered talks and seminars to the public and helping professionals on mental health issues such as stress management and the care of people with mental or emotional problems.

Miss Chen graduated from the York University in Canada, and went on to the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong majoring in Counseling under her Master of Christian Studies. She continued with further education in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CPE) specializing in Child-centered Play Therapy, a much sought after skill at primary school in managing children’s physical and emotional distress. Miss Chen has earned her professional certificate in Music Therapy from Pang’s Music Therapy Centre, and has helped numerous SEN students in primary and secondary schools and group settings.

Miss Chen’s experiences include teaching in school, participating in student counseling and guidance services, leading personal growth group, dealing with students having Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders, ADHD and emotional problems, etc. She is also experienced in counseling services in premarital, extramarital issue, family and marriage, PTSD, interpersonal communications, personal growth, depression, anxiety, and religious issues.

Miss Chen is dedicated in her pursuit of counseling, music and philosophy of life. She strives to balance these three domains in her work and life. She is also a wonderful listener, and tries to bring the best out of those she has been with.